Urban Respite Bodywork

Tuning Forks

Energy balancing with tuning forks

Historically, tuning forks have served in medicine as well as music. Furthermore, tuning forks help the body to relax, balance and heal. Our bodies “hear,” or resonate with, the vibrating fork(s) as they are applied to different areas – joints, soft tissue, bones or acupressure points.

Tuning forks are used on the body itself or on its surrounding energy field, or simply heard through the ears. When used directly on the body, the weighted ends are made to vibrate and the stems placed on the area to be treated. Subsequently the sound is naturally conducted through the tissue or bone. The body begins to resonate with the pitch and vibration, and tension is released from the area being treated.

Forks are tuned to different pitches. Two forks used together create a customized interval of sound which can calm high energy, stimulate low energy, disperse pain or ground scattered states. When placed on soft tissue such as a muscle, or at a joint, the vibration and pitch gently penetrate to deeper and smaller tendons and ligaments, assisting the deepest tissue to release tension. With tension dissipated, the body is naturally restored to alignment and balance.

After experiencing tuning fork balancing along my spine, I felt more stretched out and my muscles felt elongated, as though I had just come from a yoga class.

- Alison H., LPC
Decatur, GA