Urban Respite Bodywork

Common Questions

Does massage therapy hurt?

Massage therapy clients sometimes come to a session already experiencing pain or discomfort caused by tension. The nervous system may be essentially on “overload” and sending distress signals to familiar areas of contraction – neck, shoulders, low back. The massage therapy process of relaxing the tissue involves using appropriate levels of pressure, as well as locating the source of pain (if pain is present). Often the pressure used need not be very deep to be extremely effective. Pressure preferences may vary from session to session, and you are free to convey this throughout the massage. The body is respectfully worked with so that it willingly receives the therapy, and enjoys being touched.

What do I wear?  Will I be covered?

Wear whatever you like. You will be left alone to undress to your level of comfort before lying down under sheet or blanket draping. During massage therapy, only the area of the body being worked with is exposed. The work may also be done through clothes, using pressure point therapy or tuning forks. The modality that works best for you is discussed at the start of the session.

You will be lying on a table that has been specifically designed for massage therapy. It has a face cradle to support the head if and while you are lying on your stomach. Extra pillows are used to take any strain off the low back or other areas. Oils and/or lotions decrease friction, warm the tissue and nourish the skin.

Do I have a choice about what areas get massaged?

Definitely. Areas of tension or discomfort are discussed at the start of each session, and an approach is implemented that is tailored to your needs.

What else may I expect in a session?

At your first session, you will be asked to complete a brief, confidential information form that requests a summary of injuries and medical conditions. An interview will allow you to elaborate on the information, which will be taken into consideration during the massage. If you have any further questions about the session, this is a good time to have them answered.

You’ll be shown how to position yourself on the table, and then be left alone to undress to your comfort level and lie down under a sheet or blanket.

Throughout the session, any feedback about a need for change (such as lighter or deeper pressure, extra covers for warmth, etc.) is honored. When the session is over, you again will be left alone to dress. Stretches or any other after care will be discussed so that you get the full benefit from your massage.